Thursday, July 28, 2011

What began as a single novel published in 2006, The Defense Force Series has now grown to include three novels, American Defense Force: The Triangle, Covert Defense Force: Sake of Time and the newest novel in the series - Time Defense Force: 2025,with a fourth in the works- Special Ops Force: Temporal Armageddon.

The basic premise:

The Triangle:
When the United States Faces the threat of a dirty bomb, Major Robert Tucker and the 27th Air Wing of the American Defense Force responds to the attack. While fighting enemy forces in the Bermuda Triangle, one by one the combatants disappear. They must set aside their difference, defeat a common foe and find their way home to prevent a global disaster.

Sake of Time:
Ten years after the "Triangle incident", which led to the formation of the Covert Defense Force, General Robert Tucker receives an urgent call for help from an unexpected source. he must lead the CDF into battle against an enemy so dangerous, not only is Earth in peril, time itself is at stake.

Time Defense Force: 2025:
The year 2025 is a pivotal time in Earth's history. The disappearance of ten pilots in the Bermuda Triangle triggered a chain of events which led to the formation of the Time Defense Force, an ultra secret group whose mission is to defensd and protect Earth's history. What if these events never took place?

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